Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Digital Studio - Journal

In early December I created a journal in My Digital Studio to give to my niece who is getting married in July.  I thought it would be great for her to have a personalized journal to jot down her thoughts;  keep track of wedding plans; record shower and wedding gifts; use as a guest book, etc.  It was my first journal and the only item (except the card I created and had printed in order to be certified in My Digital Studio) I submitted for professional printing.  I was so nervous from the minute I completed the order to the time when UPS delivered it to my door.  I could hardly wait to rip open the package.  I was thrilled with it!

I wanted to wait until the day we were getting together to make her wedding invitations to give it to her so I couldn't post the photo.   Sunday was the day.  Judging by her emotional reaction, I am pretty sure she was as thrilled with it as I was.

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