Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Card for Home

This past Sunday Judy and I hosted a get together to make cards that will be sent to our military bases overseas (particularly Afghanistan). These cards are made available to our brave men and women so that they have a selection of cards to send to their loved ones back home. Our group had a fantastic day! We ranged in age from my 77 year old mother to my 2 year old great niece. There were 13 of us in all. In addition to the 2 year old, we had two thirteen year old girls and one who is twelve. We had all the younger ones include their age when they signed the back of their cards beside the Handstamped by image.

Everyone was just so proud and thankful to be able to show support for our soldiers. What a sense of accomplishment we felt as the box of cards filled up. When we finished up there were close to 250 cards in the box - and that did not include mine or Judy's. With ours, the count is about 300. By the time we send them off I expect we will be close to 350 - maybe more!
None of the cards were made with layers. We are unsure of the conditions overseas and did not want to risk any 'adhesive failure'. What a challenge - but I think we did very well. We also could not use glitter - we read somewhere that if the glitter flakes off and gets onto the clothing it could be highly visible to anyone observing them with night vision goggles. So, no layers, no bling.

Here are a few pictures - I should have taken the photos before sealing the cards into their plastic protective envelopes. Please excuse the glare.

Thanks for looking.


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