Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 19 - Simply MDS2

I was so surprised how quickly the days were passing on Heather's online class.  I had made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the class that I would complete each and every project on they day they were presented.  I will say that I succeeded in that goal. 

The layout for day 19 used bright fun colours.  I did use pretty much the same colour palette and background layout as Heather but changed the photo layout to suit the pictures I had.  While creating the page for Day 18 I found photos of my husband that were taken at Walt Disney World and decided to do a page dedicated to him.  As we were planning that trip he kept insisting that he had to have his photo taken at the Dumbo ride and that he was going to ride the carousel.   As you will see on the page he did all of that and we even got him to try on a Goofy hat and get his picture taken with it on. 

The great thing about MDS is that you can quickly change the background colours, accents, text quickly and easily.

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