Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Simply MDS 2 - Day 11

Day 11 of the online class demonstrated how to get the look of  "text wrapping" when creating a page.  Heather's sample was a photo of her canyoneering during her recent visit to Utah for the Stampin' Up! Founders Circle event.  She used a customized background paper - a cool feature in the program where you can select one of your own photos as the background.  She then added her text box and positioned it and arranged the text so that it wrapped around the centre image of the photo.

I did two versions of that layout - one using a photo of a painting my cousin my cousin did as a tribute to our grandparents.  It shows them "in the clouds" and below them are several of the landmarks near their home (including their house).  The other is a photo of a pelican hovering above the water.  My friend Debbie snapped the photo when we were together in Florida in 2009.  I just love how his shadow is so clear in the water below.

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