Saturday, October 9, 2010

Simply MDS 2 - Day 15 - Making a Movie

On Day 15 of her Simply My Digital Studio class Heather Summers demonstrated how to make a "movie" and add music and/or narration to our projects.  It was so easy!  I opened my project (I used my Simply MDS 2 project).  On the menu there is a Music and Narration button.  Selecting that brings up a page where you can then select music to add to the project.  I chose one song and choose the "loop" option.  This allows continuous play of the music while the pages are displayed one by one in a slidewhow.  There is an option to add a personal narration - I didn't select that option for this project (you can elect to do a narration for each page!).  Once that is completed there are just a few steps more to complete the "movie".  There is also an option to burn the project to a DVD.  How fun is that!  You could put together your scrapbook, set it to music, create DVD's and send them as lovely little gifts to family and friends.

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