Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thinking of Christmas

I have completed a second Christmas advent calendar using the Karen Foster 3D Countdown Calendar.  I had previously posted a photo HERE.  This second one is pretty much identical.

I had originally purchased three of the calendars and liked them so well I decided to get some more.  I had bought them online from a scrapbook store in Elliott Lake, Ontario.  I tried, but just could not find them closer to home.  When I contacted the store they took my order but not very many days later they called me to say that their usual supplier did not have them and they were discontinued.  Checking the Karen Foster website confirmed that there were no longer there.  My supplier researched and she finally found someone who had them in stock.  Unfortunately they were several dollars more.   I really wanted them and my supplier was willing to absorb more than half the difference so I told her to go ahead and order them.  They arrived on Friday so I will be very busy over the coming months decorating then to use as pre-Christmas gifts for my mother and sisters.  If I get enough finished, my nieces may each receive one this year as well.

So here is the second of many

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